Years ago I had the good fortune of being asked to speak at a conference with about 100 small and mid-sized business owners on the topic of digital marketing.

Now, being a business owner myself this topic has given me more gray hairs than I’d like to admit. How was I going to present this in a way that was not only educational, but also interesting and relevant?

So I met with the gentleman who was kind enough to invite me to speak and voiced my concerns.

He asked if I could package everything I knew and had learned over the past decade into one slide. I laughed, assuming he was joking, but he wasn’t.

I thought this would be impossible. But for the next few days, that question triggered my brain to begin working out the answer.

So I decided to draw a mind map of the landscape, and this was exactly what I presented that day.

I called the presentation “Behind the Digital Marketing Curtain for SMBs.” And to my surprise and delight, I ended up getting an overwhelmingly positive response.

So that’s what I’m going to share with you in the video above in the hopes it will give you that 30,000-foot view of the landscape, as well as help you understand where you are as it pertains to your own efforts.

I hope you’ve found this presentation helpful. Feel free to download a PDF graphic of this mind map for future reference or start the conversation if you’d like to discuss some of these concepts in more detail.

During our time together, I’ll share the exact framework I use with my clients to successfully implement their digital marketing campaigns so they don’t end up walking into a buzzsaw with their efforts. 

Download the PDF

Grab a copy of the digital marketing mind map for SMBs (no email required).

Things are cranking here. The 25% conversion rate is off the charts!
— Tom Detelich, Partner at Grandview Homes